Slogan on Independence Day: 50+ Best slogan on Independence day in Hindi, English, Telugu & Tamil

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Slogan on Independence day in Hindi, English, Telugu & Tamil

The slogan on Independence Day 2018: If you are looking for Slogan on Independence Day 2018 then you have come to the right place. Here in this post, you will find Slogan on Independence Day in EnglishSlogan on Independence Day in TeluguSlogan on Independence Day in Hindi Slogan on Independence Day in Tamil. We have also shared the Slogan on Independence Day by freedom fighters. so simply check the below list of Slogan on Independence Day and share them

These are some of the most commonly used slogans by the freedom fighters at the time of that moment. I have covered these famous slogans in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil & English languages so if you are looking for slogans for independence day in any language this is best suitable for you. You will find them in 4 languages along with the images which you can download easily & also you can use these slogans on independence day as well. You can also share your slogans with us via the below comment section if you have any.

Slogan on independence day

Slogan On Independence Day in English

Slogans on Independence Day
  • I salute the real Heroes who gave me freedom.
  • Happy Independence Day to you all, celebrate it happily.
  • I love my freedom, I respect my freedom.
  • It’s your right to enjoy the freedom but never forget the sacrifices of freedom fighters.
Slogan on Independence Day
  • Today is Independence Day; say it loud, it’s my country’s proud.
  • India is independent and we are its independent citizens.
  • We can unfurl the Flag as we live in an independent country.
  • Be ready to sacrifice for the freedom of our country.
Slogan on Independence Day
  • India is great; India is grand where we celebrate Independence Day.
  • Freedom is must for any country to run its own government system.
  • The waving Flag in the wind is the symbol of our freedom.
  • Give a big cheer, Independence Day is here!
slogans on independence day in english
  • Independence Day celebration is the symbol of our freedom.
  • Watch our flag fly high, As it waves up in the sky.
  • Our Flag looks so grand on this independent land.
  • Let’s light up the sky this Independence Day.
patriotic slogan in hindi for independence day
  • We live in an independent country because of our real Heroes.
  • Our Nation is great, Our Nation is grand, From the sea to the sand, I love this land!
  • Independence Day tells the history of freedom of India.
  • Independence day is here, come on let’s see our flag rise high.
Slogans on Independence Day
  • Unite to stand in all good or bad condition of this land.
  • Liberty is the breath of life to nations.
  • An independent country is a country full of rights for its citizens.
  • My heart is filled with glee, to be a nation proud and free!
Slogan on Independence Day
  • Independence Day is a special day for all Indians.
  • We can see the sunrise and we can hear the river water sound peacefully; as we have freedom.
  • Coming together as a Nation, for our Independence Day Celebration!
  • I am very grateful to them who fought for our freedom.
slogan on 15 august in english
  • See, how beautifully our Flag is waving in the air!
  • Enjoy your FREEDOM but don’t forget your Freedom FIGHTERS.
  • Today we are breathing freely just because we live in an independent country.
  • We celebrate our freedom on Independence Day.
  • Unite and live together to maintain freedom in the future.
slogans on 71 years of independence day
  • I feel proud for my country and happy to live in this gentry.
  • I am proud to be an Indian and respect the culture of my country.
  • Hear the music of the band, See the beauty of the land, From the Mountains to the Sand, this nation of ours is sure grand.
  • Freedom is the oxygen for any country and heartbeat for its citizens.
best slogans on independence day in hindi
  • The freedom we live has taken the sacrifice of many lives.
  • Without freedom, life has no meaning.
  • Our Flag waves so high which tells the history of how many people died.
  • We are flying into a new zone of development only because India is independent.
slogan on independence day in hindi
  • Freedom is freedom; it is precious and we cannot estimate its cost.
  • Pay tribute to the real Heroes who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.
  • I love my India and respect its culture and tradition.
  • Whether it is sunny or rainy, let’s celebrate Independence Day of my country.
Slogan on Independence Day in english
  • Being citizens of an independent country we have right to freedom.
  • We are lucky to live with freedom in the 21st century because of our forefathers.
  • Being an Indian is the matter of proud.
  • India is independent because of our forefathers; now it’s our responsibility to maintain its freedom in future too.
  • India is a golden bird and independence is its new wings.
Slogan on Independence Day 2018
  • Freedom is the soul of our country.
  • If you want freedom forever, never let go the freedom of the country.
  • it’s Independence Day, so say it out loud, For our country we are proud!
  • Many different faces but as a nation we unite, coming together for this celebration, what a beautiful sight!
slogan on independence day by freedom fighters
  • Being grateful for our nation, What a great sensation!
  • Be closer, Be gathered, let’s celebrate’s our Independence day together.
  • Strong are we not weak…love, humanity and peace are what we children of India seek!!
  • See the beauty of our flag so grand, as we celebrate the Independence of this land!
Slogan on Independence Day
  • Hip Hip Hooray, It’s Independence Day!
  • East or west freedom is the best.
  • No matter the weather, let’s celebrate Independence Day together.
  • Freedom of no one is safe until freedom of everyone is safe!

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Slogan On Independence Day in Hindi

  • मैं असली नायकों को सलाम करता हूं जिन्होंने मुझे स्वतंत्रता दी।
  • आप सभी को स्वतंत्रता दिवस मुबारक हो, इसे खुशी से मनाएं।
  • मुझे अपनी आजादी पसंद है, मैं अपनी आजादी का सम्मान करता हूं।
  • स्वतंत्रता का आनंद लेने का आपका अधिकार है लेकिन स्वतंत्रता सेनानियों के बलिदान को कभी न भूलें।
  • आज स्वतंत्रता दिवस है; जोर से कहो, यह मेरा देश का गर्व है।
  • भार स्वतंत्र है और हम इसके स्वतंत्र नागरिक हैं।
  • हम झंडे को फेंक सकते हैं क्योंकि हम एक स्वतंत्र देश में रहते हैं।
  • हमारे देश की आजादी के लिए बलिदान के लिए तैयार रहें।
  • भारत महान; भारत भव्य है जहां हम स्वतंत्रता दिवस मनाते हैं।
  • किसी भी देश के लिए अपनी सरकारी प्रणाली चलाने के लिए स्वतंत्रता जरूरी है।
  • हवा में झंडा झंडा हमारी आजादी का प्रतीक है।
  • एक बड़ा उत्साह दें, स्वतंत्रता दिवस यहाँ है!
  • स्वतंत्रता दिवस उत्सव हमारी आजादी का प्रतीक है।
  • हमारे ध्वज को उड़ने के लिए देखो, क्योंकि यह आकाश में लहरें।
  • हमारा ध्वज इस स्वतंत्र भूमि पर इतना भव्य दिखता है।
  • आइए इस स्वतंत्रता दिवस को आकाश को उजागर करें।
  • हम अपने असली नायकों की वजह से एक स्वतंत्र देश में रहते हैं।
  • हमारा राष्ट्र महान है, हमारा राष्ट्र भव्य है, समुद्र से रेत तक, मुझे इस भूमि से प्यार है!
  • स्वतंत्रता दिवस भारत की स्वतंत्रता के इतिहास को बताता है।
  • आजादी का दिन यहां है, चलिए देखते हैं कि हमारे झंडे में वृद्धि हुई है।
  • इस भूमि की सभी अच्छी या बुरी स्थिति में खड़े होने के लिए एकजुट हों।
  • लिबर्टी राष्ट्रों के लिए जीवन की सांस है।
short slogans on india in english
  • एक स्वतंत्र देश अपने नागरिकों के अधिकारों से भरा देश है।
  • मेरा दिल गले से भर गया है, एक राष्ट्र गर्व और मुक्त होने के लिए!
  • स्वतंत्रता दिवस सभी भारतीयों के लिए एक विशेष दिन है
  • हम सूर्योदय देख सकते हैं और हम नदी के पानी को शांतिपूर्वक सुन सकते हैं; क्योंकि हमारे पास स्वतंत्रता है।
  • हमारे स्वतंत्रता दिवस उत्सव के लिए एक राष्ट्र के रूप में मिलकर आ रहा है!
  • मैं उन लोगों के लिए बहुत आभारी हूं जिन्होंने हमारी आजादी के लिए लड़ा।
  • देखें, हवा में हमारे झंडे कितनी खूबसूरती से चल रहे हैं!
  • अपने स्वतंत्रता का आनंद लें लेकिन अपने स्वतंत्रता लड़कों को मत भूलना।
  • आज हम स्वतंत्र रूप से सांस ले रहे हैं क्योंकि हम एक स्वतंत्र देश में रहते हैं।
  • हम स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर अपनी आजादी मनाते हैं।
  • भविष्य में स्वतंत्रता बनाए रखने के लिए एकजुट रहें और एक साथ रहें।
  • मुझे अपने देश के लिए गर्व महसूस होता है और इस विनम्रता में रहने में खुशी होती है।
  • मुझे एक भारतीय होने पर गर्व है और मेरे देश की संस्कृति का सम्मान है।
  • बैंड के संगीत को सुनें, भूमि की सुंदरता देखें, पर्वत से रेत तक, यह हमारा देश निश्चित रूप से भव्य है।
  • स्वतंत्रता किसी भी देश के लिए ऑक्सीजन है और अपने नागरिकों के लिए दिल की धड़कन है।
  • हम जो आजादी जीते हैं, वह कई ज़िंदगी का बलिदान ले चुकी है।
  • स्वतंत्रता के बिना, जीवन का कोई मतलब नहीं है।
  • हमारी ध्वज तरंगें इतनी ऊंची हैं कि इतिहास बताता है कि कितने लोग मारे गए।
  • हम विकास के एक नए क्षेत्र में उड़ रहे हैं क्योंकि भारत स्वतंत्र है।
  • स्वतंत्रता स्वतंत्रता है; यह कीमती है और हम इसकी लागत का अनुमान नहीं लगा सकते हैं।
  • वास्तविक नायकों को श्रद्धांजलि अर्पित करें जिन्होंने हमारी स्वतंत्रता के लिए अपनी जान का त्याग किया।
  • मैं अपने भारत से प्यार करता हूं और अपनी संस्कृति और परंपरा का सम्मान करता हूं।
  • चाहे वह धूप या बरसात हो, चलो मेरे देश का स्वतंत्रता दिवस मनाएं।
  • एक स्वतंत्र देश के नागरिक होने के नाते हमें स्वतंत्रता का अधिकार है।
  • हम अपने पूर्वजों की वजह से 21 वीं शताब्दी में आजादी के साथ रहने के लिए भाग्यशाली हैं।
  • एक भारतीय होने के नाते गर्व का विषय है।
  • भारत हमारे पूर्वजों के कारण स्वतंत्र है; अब भविष्य में भी अपनी स्वतंत्रता बनाए रखने की हमारी ज़िम्मेदारी है।
  • भारत एक सुनहरा पक्षी है और आजादी इसकी नई पंख है।
  • स्वतंत्रता हमारे देश की आत्मा है।
  • यदि आप हमेशा के लिए स्वतंत्रता चाहते हैं, तो देश की आजादी कभी न छोड़ें।
  • यह स्वतंत्रता दिवस है, इसलिए इसे ज़ोर से कहो, हमारे देश के लिए हमें गर्व है!
  • कई अलग-अलग चेहरे लेकिन एक राष्ट्र के रूप में हम एकजुट होकर इस उत्सव के लिए एक साथ आते हैं, क्या एक सुंदर दृष्टि है!
slogans on india in english
  • हमारे देश के लिए आभारी होना, कितनी बड़ी सनसनीखेज!
  • करीब रहो, इकट्ठे हो जाएं, आइए हम अपने स्वतंत्रता दिवस को एक साथ मनाएं।
  • मजबूत हम कमजोर नहीं हैं ... प्यार, मानवता और शांति वे हैं जो हम भारत के बच्चे चाहते हैं !!
  • हमारे झंडे की सुंदरता इतनी भव्य देखें, क्योंकि हम इस भूमि की स्वतंत्रता का जश्न मनाते हैं!
  • हिप हिप हुरे, यह स्वतंत्रता दिवस है!
  • पूर्व या पश्चिम स्वतंत्रता सबसे अच्छी है।
  • मौसम से कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता, आइए स्वतंत्रता दिवस एक साथ मनाएं।
  • हर किसी की स्वतंत्रता सुरक्षित होने तक स्वतंत्रता की कोई स्वतंत्रता नहीं है!

Slogan On Independence Day in Telugu

  • నాకు స్వేచ్ఛ ఇచ్చిన నిజమైన హీరోస్ను నేను వందనం చేస్తున్నాను.
  • మీకు స్వాతంత్ర్య దినోత్సవ శుభాకాంక్షలు సంతోషంగా జరుపుకుంటారు.
  • నేను నా స్వేచ్ఛను ప్రేమిస్తున్నాను, నా స్వేచ్ఛను నేను గౌరవిస్తున్నాను.
  • స్వేచ్ఛను ఆస్వాదించడానికి మీ హక్కు, కానీ స్వాతంత్ర్య సమరయోధుల త్యాగాలను ఎన్నటికీ మరచిపోకండి.
  • నేడు స్వాతంత్ర్య దినం; ఇది బిగ్గరగా చెప్పండి, ఇది నా దేశం గర్వంగా ఉంది.
  • భారతదేశం స్వతంత్రమైనది మరియు మేము దాని స్వతంత్ర పౌరులు.
  • మేము స్వతంత్ర దేశంలో నివసిస్తున్నప్పుడు మేము ఫ్లాగ్ను తీసివేస్తాము.
  • మా దేశం స్వేచ్ఛ కోసం త్యాగం సిద్ధంగా ఉండండి.
  • భారతదేశం గొప్పది; మేము స్వాతంత్ర్య దినోత్సవాన్ని జరుపుతున్న భారతదేశం గొప్పది.
  • స్వాతంత్ర్యం ఏ దేశం కోసం తన సొంత ప్రభుత్వ వ్యవస్థ అమలు చేయాలి.
  • గాలిలో తగిలించు పతాకం మన స్వేచ్ఛకు చిహ్నంగా ఉంది.
  • ఒక పెద్ద చీర్ ఇవ్వండి, స్వాతంత్ర్య దినం ఇక్కడ ఉంది!
  • స్వాతంత్ర్య దినోత్సవ వేడుక మన స్వేచ్ఛకు చిహ్నంగా ఉంది.
  • మా జెండా ఎగరవేసినట్లు చూడండి.
  • ఈ స్వతంత్ర భూభాగంలో మా ఫ్లాగ్ చాలా బాగుంది.
  • ఈ స్వేచ్ఛా దినోత్సవం ఆకాశాన్ని మనం వెలుగులోకి తీసుకుందాం.
  • మన నిజమైన హీరోల కారణంగా మేము స్వతంత్ర దేశంలో నివసిస్తున్నారు.
  • మన దేశం గొప్పది, మన దేశం గొప్పది, సముద్రం నుండి ఇసుక వరకు, నేను ఈ భూమిని ప్రేమిస్తున్నాను!
slogan on independence day in hindi
  • స్వాతంత్ర్య దినోత్సవం భారత స్వాతంత్ర్య చరిత్రను చెపుతుంది.
  • స్వాతంత్ర్య దినం ఇక్కడ ఉంది, మా జెండా పెరుగుదల అధికం చూద్దాం.
  • ఈ భూమి యొక్క అన్ని మంచి లేదా చెడు పరిస్థితులలో నిలబడటానికి యునైట్.
  • లిబర్టీ దేశాలకు జీవన శ్వాస ఉంది.
  • స్వతంత్ర దేశం పౌరుల హక్కుల పూర్తి దేశంగా ఉంది.
  • నా హృదయం సంతోషంగా నిండి ఉంది, ఒక దేశం గర్వంగా మరియు ఉచితం!
  • స్వాతంత్ర్య దినోత్సవం అన్ని భారతీయులకు ప్రత్యేక రోజు.
  • మేము సూర్యోదయం చూడవచ్చు మరియు మేము శాంతియుతంగా నది నీటి శబ్దం వినిపించవచ్చు; మనకు స్వేచ్ఛ ఉంది.
  • మన స్వాతంత్ర దినోత్సవ వేడుకల కోసం, ఒక దేశంగా కలిసిపోవడమే!
  • మా స్వేచ్ఛ కోసం పోరాడిన వారిని చాలా కృతజ్ఞురాలిస్తున్నాను.
  • చూడండి, ఎంత అందంగా మా ఫ్లాగ్ గాలిలో కదలటం!
  • మీ FREEDOM ఆనందించండి కానీ మీ ఫ్రీడమ్ ఫైటర్స్ మర్చిపోతే లేదు.
  • మేము స్వతంత్ర దేశంలో నివసిస్తున్నందున ఈ రోజు మనం స్వేచ్ఛగా శ్వాస చేస్తున్నాము.
  • మేము స్వాతంత్ర్య దినోత్సవంలో మా స్వేచ్ఛను జరుపుకుంటారు.
  • భవిష్యత్తులో స్వేచ్ఛను నిర్వహించడానికి కలిసి యునైట్ మరియు కలిసి జీవించండి.
  • నా దేశం కోసం ఈ గంభీరంగా నివసించడానికి సంతోషంగా ఉన్నాను.
  • నేను ఒక భారతీయుడిగా మరియు నా దేశం యొక్క సంస్కృతిని గౌరవించటానికి గర్వపడుతున్నాను.
  • బ్యాండ్ యొక్క సంగీతాన్ని వినండి, భూమి యొక్క సౌందర్యాన్ని చూడండి, పర్వతాల నుండి ఇసుక వరకు, మా దేశం యొక్క ఈ దేశం ఖచ్చితంగా గ్రాండ్.
  • స్వాతంత్ర్యం ఏ దేశం కోసం ఆక్సిజన్ మరియు దాని పౌరుల కోసం హృదయ స్పందన.
  • మేము నివసిస్తున్న స్వేచ్ఛ అనేక జీవితాల త్యాగం తీసుకుంది.
  • స్వేచ్ఛ లేకుండా, జీవితానికి అర్థం లేదు.
  • మన జెండా తరంగాలు ఎత్తైనవి, ఎంత మంది మరణించారో చరిత్ర చెబుతుంది.
  • భారతదేశం స్వతంత్రంగా ఉన్నందువల్ల మేము అభివృద్ధికి కొత్త జోన్లోకి వెళ్తున్నాం.
  • ఫ్రీడమ్ స్వేచ్ఛ; ఇది విలువైనది మరియు దాని ధరను మనం అంచనా వేయలేము.
  • మా స్వేచ్ఛ కోసం వారి జీవితాలను త్యాగం చేసిన నిజమైన హీరోలకి నివాళి అర్పించండి.
  • నేను నా భారతదేశం ప్రేమ మరియు దాని సంస్కృతి మరియు సంప్రదాయం గౌరవం.
  • ఇది ఎండ లేదా వర్షపు అయినా, నా దేశం యొక్క స్వాతంత్ర్య దినం జరుపుకుందాం.
  • స్వతంత్ర దేశం యొక్క పౌరులుగా మనకు స్వేచ్ఛ హక్కు ఉంది.
  • 21 వ శతాబ్దంలో మన పూర్వీకుల కారణంగా స్వేచ్ఛతో జీవించడం అదృష్టం.
  • ఒక భారతీయుడిగా గర్వపడే విషయం.
  • మా పితరులు ఎందుకంటే భారతదేశం స్వతంత్రంగా ఉంది; ఇప్పుడు అది భవిష్యత్తులో దాని స్వేచ్ఛను కొనసాగించడానికి మా బాధ్యత.
  • భారతదేశం బంగారు పక్షి, స్వాతంత్రం దాని నూతన రెక్కలు.
  • ఫ్రీడం అనేది మా దేశం యొక్క ఆత్మ.
  • మీరు ఎప్పటికీ స్వేచ్ఛ కావాలంటే, దేశ స్వాతంత్య్రాన్ని అనుమతించకూడదు.
  • ఇది స్వాతంత్ర్య దినోత్సవం, కనుక బిగ్గరగా చెప్పండి, మా దేశం కోసం మేము గర్వపడుతున్నాము!
  • అనేక వేర్వేరు ముఖాలు కానీ ఒక దేశం మేము ఏకం, ఈ వేడుక కలిసి వస్తున్న, ఏమి ఒక అందమైన దృష్టి!
  • మా దేశం కోసం కృతజ్ఞతతో, ఏ గొప్ప అనుభూతి!
  • దగ్గరగా ఉండండి, సేకరించండి, లెట్ యొక్క జరుపుకుంటారు మా స్వాతంత్ర్య రోజు కలిసి.
  • మనము బలహీనంగా లేము ... ప్రేమ, మానవత్వం మరియు శాంతి మనకు భారతదేశపు పిల్లలు కోరుకుంటారు !!
  • మేము ఈ దేశ స్వాతంత్రాన్ని జరుపుకుంటూ మన జెండా యొక్క గొప్పతనాన్ని గ్రాండ్ చూడండి!
  • హిప్ హిప్ హుర్రే, ఇది స్వాతంత్ర్య దినం!
  • తూర్పు లేదా పశ్చిమ స్వేచ్ఛ ఉత్తమం.
  • వాతావరణంతో సంబంధం లేకుండా స్వాతంత్ర్య దినం జరుపుకుందాం.
  • ప్రతిఒక్కరూ స్వేచ్ఛ సురక్షితం కాకుండా ఎవరూ యొక్క స్వేచ్ఛ సురక్షితం!
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Slogan on independence day in tamil

These are some of the slogans on independence day in tamil language which i have translated from english to tamil so if you are looking for the tamil slogans on indendence day this are few below which you can use. so simply read them all below and use which ever the slogan you want. Feel free to share your own slogan with us.  
  • எனக்கு சுதந்திரம் கொடுத்த உண்மையான ஹீரோக்களை நான் வணங்குகிறேன்.
  • மகிழ்ச்சியான சுதந்திர தினம் அனைவருக்கும் மகிழ்ச்சியுடன் கொண்டாடுங்கள்.
  • நான் என் சுதந்திரத்தை விரும்புகிறேன், என் சுதந்திரத்தை மதிக்கிறேன்.
  • சுதந்திரத்தை அனுபவிக்க உரிமை உண்டு, ஆனால் சுதந்திர போராளிகளின் தியாகங்களை மறக்காதே.
  • இன்று சுதந்திர தினம்; அது சத்தமாக சொல்ல, அது என் நாட்டின் பெருமை.
  • இந்தியா சுயாதீனமாக உள்ளது, நாங்கள் அதன் சுதந்திரமான குடிமக்கள்.
  • நாங்கள் ஒரு சுதந்திர நாட்டில் வாழ்ந்து கொண்டிருக்கும்போதே கொடி பறிக்க முடியும்.
  • நமது நாட்டின் சுதந்திரத்திற்காக தியாகம் செய்ய தயாராக இருங்கள்.
  • இந்தியா மிகப் பெரியது; நாம் சுதந்திர தினத்தை கொண்டாடுகிறோம்.
  • எந்த நாட்டிற்கும் சுதந்திரம் அதன் சொந்த அரசாங்க அமைப்பை இயக்க வேண்டும்.
  • காற்றில் பறக்கக் கூடிய கொடி எங்கள் சுதந்திரத்தின் அடையாளமாக உள்ளது.
slogan on independence day by freedom fighters
  • ஒரு பெரிய சியர் கொடுக்க, சுதந்திர தினம் இங்கே!
  • சுதந்திர தின கொண்டாட்டம் நமது சுதந்திரத்திற்கான சின்னமாகும்.
  • எங்கள் கொடி பறக்க உயர் பறக்கும், இது வானத்தில் அலைகள் வரை.
  • இந்த சுதந்திர நிலத்தில் எங்கள் கொடி மிகப்பெரியது.
  • இந்த சுதந்திர தினத்தன்று வானத்தை ஒளிரச் செய்வோம்.
  • எங்கள் உண்மையான ஹீரோக்கள் காரணமாக ஒரு சுதந்திர நாட்டில் வாழ்கிறோம்.
  • நம் நாட்டே பெரியது, நம் நாட்டே பெரியது, கடலிலிருந்து மணல் வரை, நான் இந்த நிலத்தை நேசிக்கிறேன்!
  • சுதந்திர தினம் இந்தியா சுதந்திரம் பற்றிய வரலாற்றைக் கூறுகிறது.
  • சுதந்திர தினம் இங்கு உள்ளது, வாருங்கள் எங்கள் கொடி உயர்வு உயர்ந்ததைக் காணலாம்.
  • இந்த நிலத்தின் நல்ல அல்லது கெட்ட நிலையில் நிற்க ஒன்றியுங்கள்.
  • லிபர்டி நாடுகளுக்கு வாழ்வின் சுவாசம்.
  • ஒரு சுதந்திர நாடாக அதன் குடிமக்களுக்கு முழு உரிமை உள்ளது.
  • என் இதயம் மகிழ்ச்சியுடன் நிரம்பியிருக்கிறது, ஒரு பெருமைக்காகவும் சுதந்திரமாகவும் இருக்கும்!
  • சுதந்திர தினம் அனைத்து இந்தியர்களுக்கும் ஒரு சிறப்பு நாள்.
  • நாம் சூரிய உதயத்தைக் காண முடியும், நதி நீரை சமாதானமாக கேட்க முடியும். நமக்கு சுதந்திரம் உள்ளது.
  • ஒரு தேசமாக ஒன்றாகி, நமது சுதந்திர தின கொண்டாட்டம்!
  • எங்கள் சுதந்திரத்திற்காக போராடியவர்களுக்கு நான் மிகவும் நன்றியுள்ளவனாக இருக்கிறேன்.
  • பாருங்கள், எவ்வளவு அழகாக நமது கொடி காற்றுக்குள் பறக்கிறது!
  • உங்கள் சுதந்திரத்தை அனுபவியுங்கள், ஆனால் உங்களுடைய சுதந்திர போராளிகளை மறக்காதீர்கள்.
  • இன்று நாம் ஒரு சுயாதீன நாட்டில் வசிக்கிறோம் என்பதால் சுவாசிக்கிறோம்.
  • சுதந்திர தினத்தன்று எங்கள் சுதந்திரத்தை நாம் கொண்டாடுகிறோம்.
  • எதிர்காலத்தில் சுதந்திரத்தைத் தக்கவைத்துக்கொள்வதற்கு ஒன்றிணைந்து வாழவும்.
  • என் நாட்டிற்காக பெருமைப்படுகிறேன், இந்த கௌரவத்தில் வாழ மகிழ்ச்சி.
  • நான் ஒரு இந்தியராக இருப்பதற்கும் என் நாட்டிற்கான கலாச்சாரத்தை மதித்துக்கொள்வதற்கும் பெருமைப்படுகிறேன்.
  • இசைக்கு இசை கேட்க, நிலத்தின் அழகைப் பார்க்கவும், மலைகள் முதல் மணல் வரை, இந்த நாட்டு மக்கள் நிச்சயம் பெரியவர்கள்.
  • சுதந்திரம் எந்த நாட்டிற்கும் ஆக்சிஜன் மற்றும் அதன் குடிமக்களுக்கு இதய துடிப்பு.
  • நாம் வாழும் சுதந்திரம் பல உயிர்களை தியாகம் செய்துள்ளது.
  • சுதந்திரம் இல்லாமல், வாழ்க்கைக்கு அர்த்தம் இல்லை.
  • எங்கள் கொடி அலைகள் எவ்வளவு உயர்ந்தவையாக இருந்தன என்பதை வரலாறு சொல்கிறது.
  • இந்தியா சுதந்திரமாக இருப்பதால் மட்டுமே வளர்ச்சிக்கு ஒரு புதிய மண்டலமாக நாம் பறக்கிறோம்.
  • சுதந்திரம் சுதந்திரம்; அது விலைமதிப்பற்றது மற்றும் அதன் செலவை மதிப்பிட முடியாது.
  • எங்கள் சுதந்திரத்திற்காக தங்கள் உயிர்களை தியாகம் செய்த உண்மையான ஹீரோக்களுக்கு அஞ்சலி செலுத்துங்கள்.
  • நான் இந்தியாவை நேசிக்கிறேன், அதன் கலாச்சாரம் மற்றும் பாரம்பரியத்தை மதிக்கிறேன்.
  • அது சன்னி அல்லது மழை என்பது, நாட்டின் நாட்டில் சுதந்திர தினம் கொண்டாடுவோம்.
  • சுயாதீன நாட்டின் குடிமக்களாக இருப்பதால் நமக்கு சுதந்திரம் உண்டு.
  • 21 ஆம் நூற்றாண்டில் சுதந்திரமாக வாழ நாம் அதிர்ஷ்டசாலிகள் ஏனெனில் நம் முன்னோர்கள்.
  • ஒரு இந்தியராக இருப்பது பெருமைக்குரிய விஷயம்.
  • எங்கள் முன்னோர்களால் இந்தியா சுதந்திரமானது; இப்போது அது எதிர்காலத்தில் அதன் சுதந்திரத்தை தக்க வைத்துக் கொள்ளும் பொறுப்பு.
  • இந்தியா ஒரு தங்க பறவை மற்றும் சுதந்திரம் அதன் புதிய இறக்கைகள் ஆகும்.
slogan on independence day in hindi
  • சுதந்திரம் நம் நாட்டின் ஆன்மா.
  • நீங்கள் சுதந்திரம் என்றென்றும் விரும்பினால், நாட்டினுடைய சுதந்திரத்தை விட்டு விடாதீர்கள்.
  • அது சுதந்திர தினம், எனவே சத்தமாக சொல்லுங்கள், நம் நாட்டில் நாங்கள் பெருமை கொள்கிறோம்!
  • பல வேறுபட்ட முகங்கள் ஆனால் ஒரு நாட்டை நாம் ஒன்றிணைக்க, இந்த கொண்டாட்டம் ஒன்றாக வரும், என்ன ஒரு அழகான பார்வை!
  • நம் நாட்டுக்கு நன்றியுள்ளவர்களாய் இருப்பது, என்ன பெரிய உணர்ச்சி!
  • நெருக்கமாக இருங்கள், கூடி வாருங்கள், நாம் ஒன்றாக சுதந்திர தினம் கொண்டாடுவோம்.
  • நாம் பலவீனமாக இல்லை ... அன்பு, மனிதகுலம் மற்றும் சமாதானம் நாம் இந்தியாவின் குழந்தைகளுக்கு என்ன தேடுகிறோம்?
  • இந்த தேசத்தின் சுயாதீனத்தை நாம் கொண்டாடும்போது, நமது கொடி அழகாக இருக்கும்.
  • ஹிப் ஹிப் ஹூரே, இது சுதந்திர தினம்!
  • கிழக்கு அல்லது மேற்கு சுதந்திரம் சிறந்தது.
  • வானிலை இல்லை, ஒன்றாக சுதந்திர தினம் கொண்டாட வேண்டும்.
  • அனைவருக்கும் சுதந்திரம் பாதுகாப்பானது வரை யாருக்கும் சுதந்திரம் பாதுகாப்பாக உள்ளது!
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best slogans on independence day in hindi

Because of it does freedom and many years today I address you for the first time officially as the first servant of Indian people vegetable service and their betterment I'm here because you read it soon and I remain here amen as you choose honor me with your confidence we are a free and sovereign people today and we have rid ourselves of the burden of the past we look at the world it's clear and friendly eyes and up the future with faith and confidence the burden the foreign domination is belief that freedom brings same responsibilities and burdens and they can only be endured in the spirit of a free people of discipline and determined to preserve and enlarge a freedom we have achieved what she have to achieve much more they just then address ourselves on you fasted the determination then adherence - suppose which are a brigadier has such a soft nor God he is fortunately with us the guide and in Psalm and ever to point out to us a path of high endeavour he thought just landed a that ideas and objectives and never be diverse and the message seductive to realize them that worthy insanely be achieved to where they means if we in that the big things of life if we dream of India as a great nation between the angel message of peace and freedom to others then we have to be big ourselves and worthy children of Mother India the eyes of the world are upon us watching this birth of freedom in the nice and wondering what it means our first and immediate objective must be put in world internals - island which disfigure and degrade us and injure a cause of freedom they come in the way of consideration of the great economic ones of the masses of the people with so urgently command attention our long subjection the world world and it's aftermath have made us inherit and accumulation of vital problems and today our people left food and bathing and other necessaries and we are caught in a spiral of inflation and rising faces we cannot solve these oblem suddenly and yet we come up also delay their solution they'll be must spend wisely without the burdens and the messes may grow in this and there's ten dollars of living Rock English into none but it must be clearly understood that dangerous small lungs for illnesses must confess a big name pinched interest rate comes in their way just um we have to change rapidly our integrated mental system and we have also to predict industrialization on a large and balancing layers to add to the wealth of the country and thus for the national dividend which can be equitably distributed production today is the first priority and every attempt to hamper and this introduction is injuring the nation then more especially handful for neighbouring messes at production by itself is not enough or this maybe they'll even greater concentration of wealth in few hands which comes in the way of progress and which in the context of today produces instability and conflict therefore fair and equitable distribution is essential for any solution of the problem the Government of India had in hand at present several asked scenes of developing river valleys I controlling the flow of rivers building dams and reservoirs and irrigation work and developing I joined if refused indeed greater food production and to the growth of Industry and program development these schemes are thus basic soil planning and we intend to complete them buzz what igneous as opposed to the in essence a profit and this requires useful conditions and the perforation avail confirmed and are and continuous look let us then adverse ourselves to the great and what are the tasks and forgets our mutual ranging and conflicted as a time for quarreling and very good time cooperation endeavor where is a time for work and there is a time for play today there is no time for cuddling or over much a unless we feel thanks to our country and our people they you must we operate and work together and we work with right with low I should like to address a few words our services civil and military varying distinctions and differences are gone and today we are a.cian and battles of India and a lot of countries freedom and joining together in our service of where our common indigenous to India in the difficult days ahead our services and our accept serve a vital role in pain and he invites them to do so as a merits you.




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Happy Independance Day Wishes 2018: Slogan on Independence Day: 50+ Best slogan on Independence day in Hindi, English, Telugu & Tamil
Slogan on Independence Day: 50+ Best slogan on Independence day in Hindi, English, Telugu & Tamil
Slogan on Independence, Slogans on Independence, slogan on independence day by freedom fighters, slogan on independence day in hindi, slogan on 15 august in english, patriotic slogan in hindi for independence day, slogan on independence day in hindi
Happy Independance Day Wishes 2018
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